Why you should raise your voice and say “Me Too”

Child Sex Abuse

With the recent case against the Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual misconduct against several reputed actresses, women all around the world have come up to break their silence on the sickening disease of sexual abuse in modern society.

It all started as a Twitter response to actress Alyssa Milano’s tweet where she asked women all around the world to respond if they had been sexually abused too.

The tweet got an overwhelming response and is continuing till date. People have taken to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to join their voices by posting the hashtag “Me Too.”

Let us take a look at few tweets that will make you cry in anger.

How many of us have been in the place of this teen? Uncountable.

Sexual abuse is never gender-specific.


Your age is just a number for the assaulter.

And, THIS is how we should act in response.

The tweets are endless with men and women, celebrities and commoners, everyone speaking up in support of the “Me Too” campaign. Milano’s aim was only to make people aware of the magnitude of the problem. And the “Me Too” is a jolting reminder.

Speaking to Variety magazine, Alyssa said, “I wanted to take the focus off the predator and put it back on the victim. We’ve been hearing a lot about those who caused this kind of hurt and heartache and not enough about the victims who have to overcome and heal. I feel like to be able to do that, you have to know you’re part of a community that can support and stand beside you. This is a community that is very large.”

The “Me two” hashtag has served two purposes. First, it has shown the human race how wide, penetrating and ubiquitous the trauma of sexual abuse is. Second, it has shown that unity is actually strength.

Remember, the person who remains silent in face of crime is as guilty as the criminal.

Break your silence. Take your first step against sexual abuse. Share your stories with “Me Too”.


Readers Comments On “Why you should raise your voice and say “Me Too””

  1. I am suffering too. METOO. I have been psychologically raped a lot of times by many women. This happens 3-4 times a week. They are so emotionally bad, stupid sometimes, act without data, do not try to understand you, simply put blame on you, etc. etc. Basically they are raping my happiness and they are all psychological rapists.

    What to do ?

  2. While looking #Me Too momentum, I am glad people not shying away from putting their foot down & shouting aloud and demanding to put culprit in tight spot in such situations and not walking away from situation in disbelief or state of shock.
    Let everyone who has claimed Me Too; or even others act as a change catalyst and take every opportunity to be a medium to educate/ bring awareness in slums & govt schools where they ain’t previliged enough for accessing social media. Unfortunately they even fail to understand right or wrong touch by someone
    Let’s take a step beyond # Me Too and not the revolt die in few weeks !

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