Wicked Temptations- Stories of temptations in human relationships

When I decided to write a book, I began with collecting episodes and slices of life in a file in which I recorded my impressions. Some of them had longing, some temptations, some of them succumbed, some of the characters did not, each of my characters were bold and when fleshed out they listened to their heart and head. Which is how I named my book as Wicked Temptations, because these temptations are there on our paths. We could choose what path to take finally.


It was as if time stood still. He was standing face to face with her. It was as if fate had put her before him just because he had thought of her. Talk about being careful what one wishes for, Bharti was standing right in front of him. The same Bharti whom he had not seen for the last fifteen years. They had drifted apart as they had moved cities. She had not changed at all. She was just has he remembered her, only better if that was possible.

They walked towards each other, his problems forgotten. It was as if he had travelled back in time. He felt the same way as he had felt years ago when he first saw her in his training group in office.

He was not sure how to greet her. Should he shake hands with her? It would be odd to do that with someone whom he had slept with, so many years ago.

Or should he just say a hi.

Bharti solved the problem herself by stepping forward and hugging him tightly as they stood facing each other. It seemed like a spontaneous gesture and he could not help but hug her back. He felt a frisson of excitement run through his body with remembered pleasure and surprised and a little self-conscious he moved back. She seemed unperturbed and totally unconcerned, nevertheless.

Read more to find out whether Ashwin succumbs to this delicious, tempestuous temptation and many more such short stories on human relationships.

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