Single and Dating

I was a widow and a single mother at 28 till life gave me a second chance

How a supportive friendship led to a happy ending for this young widow and her son
sad lady with child

The reality of being a single mother in India

Widow…the word consumes itself. Being a widow at the age of 28, and a single mother is a life of daily struggle. The fight for respectable existence is a hard one for most single mothers in India and is unique for every mother. “Where’s the father/husband?” is an extremely common question, from school admission to places like supermarkets. On knowing the truth, people change their attitudes.

When I went for my son’s admission to school, I was instantly asked after filling his school form how I would manage paying his fees being a single mother and would I be able to cope with my job and his studies alone.

Not just school and social places, but even in the supermarket my motherhood was always questioned. Once while I was shopping in a supermarket, I met one of my schoolmates who I had not been in touch with for years. She said, “Poor you. May God bless you.” She also suggested I should get my kundali checked for any “dosh” due to which my husband might have died. With tears in my eyes I walked away.

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  1. Hi….. I m single parenting mother got my 11 years old son since he is 3 years…. Few years I can’t believe my life is gone…. Later studied for the sake of my son… Got job….. Balancing between office work and household work… Actually tired…. Mental stress for not hving my own man…. Recently got second chance thru known friend…. But within few days of the new life…. Found that being married to immatured guy … son started questioning me for my second marriage bcoz of his immatured behaviour. That guy started to blame on me as I was giving importance to my son…. Now my son don’t want to be with him…. My parents are telling me to live with him and they ll take care of my son… Life become more complicated now than before… Second chance will not work out always…..

  2. Wish you the best in your new marriage.
    29/12/2016 was the last birthday i celebrated with my husband. He died on 28/12/2017 a day to his 30th birthday…still hoping to come to terms with his sudden demise

    1. I can understand the pain….take ur time….but remember life is super beautiful and god has his best plans for all…god bless you….

  3. My heart felt so full reading your story. It reminded me of a beautiful poem by Nayyirah Waheed ” May love find you, even. when you are specifically. strategically . hiding from it” I am so glad to find that Love found you again and gifted you the happiness you deserved.

  4. Awesome nothing more imp in life than giving life to someone who is in need …
    And it’s need of the hour to the society .
    Really great both of you

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