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Wife accepted his addiction, yet he quits smoking to protect their marriage

His wife never nagged him about his smoking addiction. He didn't give up even when his cousin died of cancer. Then what drove Don to suddenly quit smoking?

Debunking the myth that a couple in love have to be mushy and romantic, full of fluff and candy floss as our mass media would have us believe, are Sangeeta and Don Ghosh.

33-year-old Don has known Sangeeta for more than 12 years of which they have been married for five. When we interviewed Don for this segment after discovering that he was a chain smoker (for 15 years he’d consumed about 15-20 cigarettes a day) and had given up smoking suddenly, out of the blue, he remarked that it didn’t have much to do with ‘love’.

“I won’t say that I quit it for love or something like that,” he said. On the contrary, he laughingly said, that throughout their courtship Sangeeta loved to gift him lighters and cigars, not “encouraging my addiction,” but clearly not discouraging it either.

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