Wife reveals why her husband has more hair care products than her

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The sheer joy of sharing your life with the person you love is like the biggest blessing ever. I have been in holy matrimony for half a decade now and it has truly been a casket of beautiful memories.

Today, as I sat down to write this piece my heart took a trip down memory lane and reminisced delightful memories of our wonderful relationship. I yearn inside to relive those amazing moments yet again and hope they last an eon.

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The hair’s the thing

So, what’s that one thing I don’t ever want to change in my husband? Saurav (my sweetest husband) has so many unique qualities that it’s almost impossible for me to pick just one. Let me randomly touch upon his endearing ‘self-obsession’ which I absolutely adore in him.

It’s an open secret that Saurav is obsessed with his hair since his childhood and it’s one of the many things that made me fall head over heels for him. His hair products have occupied half of my dressing area, comprising a huge variety of anti-frizz serums, hair oils, hair sprays and hair gels. And let’s not forget that the shelves in our bathroom are filled with his hair oils, hair shampoos and hair masks.

The perfect routine

His hair regime starts the minute he steps out of the shower. He goes straight to the dressing table and picks up his special hairbrush and scours through his hair. A brush which I am just not allowed to touch and hell will break loose if I accidentally touch it.

After the combing ritual, he patiently waits for his hair to air-dry for a while. (I told you he is very particular.) Hubby dearest then manoeuvres the fancy hairdryer in every possible direction to set each and every strand to perfection. It is definitely an arduous task and he’s rarely pleased with the way his hair looks.

The day he is content with his hair he expresses his excitement in joy, “It’s a great day today,” and I simply nod in amusement. According to his hairstyling manual, the next step is to add finesse with a hair straightener and then he finishes doing his hair with a hairspray which smells absolutely fantastic. I always pretend like I am in my own world, doing my stuff but who could resist watching him?

Man hair care and grooming

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It can be frustrating sometimes

There are plenty of times when Saurav struggles to manage his tresses and it almost always happens when we have to step out for a social obligation. That’s when I see his frustration building up and I, being a sweet wife, try and cajole him usually after his third attempt. “Jaana, why are you trying so hard, your hair actually looks really nice and you’re looking dapper too.” I often say it to put him at ease, but actually mean it too.

There are always a couple of days in a year when he is seething mad at the hairdresser for not cutting his hair to perfection. Hair woes give him nightmares and actually ‘wreck’ his life for a few days.

No pictures, please!

I remember a few years ago, we were in Bangalore visiting my parents and he was in a desperate need of a haircut. My friend took him to a swanky salon in the upscale neighbourhood thinking they would do a good job. But alas! It all went topsy-turvy after Saurav checked out his hair trim. My disappointed husband ranted, “How dare he cut my hair like this? It will take ages for it grow and I won’t even be able to set it right for a long time.” A few days later we went on a vacation to Coorg and he flatly refused to click any pictures (hahaha). But, all these cute little tantrums make me burst out laughing, as the ‘hair dramas’ are more gripping than the saas bahu serials.

Well, that’s the ‘hairy’ tale  of my handsome husband. Gosh, I can narrate so many incidents where he has left me in splits with his hair woes. But those will be for another day. For now, I really hope his hair is set just right for his trip to Amsterdam and I can’t wait for my phone to be bombarded with his selfies!

My dear husband, I adore you and love tousling your hair. Stay the same, don’t change.

Happy styling!

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