Wife’s list of New Year resolutions for her husband

Many women are busy making New Year resolutions that will soon be broken. So this year, she has some resolutions that her husband and son can make, instead!
Happy New Year's resolutions

As one year ends and the new one springs upon us, I think many wives and moms like me would be wondering how to make this year better. Every year, one tends to make a short list of resolutions that invariably revolve around:

  • Fitness goals that fizzle out by January end.
  • Not going crazy when the son pushes buttons, which barely lasts 3 days at a stretch.
  • Spending quality time with the spouse, which ends with football practice, doctor visits, birthday parties and homework.

So this year my conclusion is that I am the best possible person that I can be in the family! Yes, I am and the rest of you can say Amen to that! I am the best possible mother for my son and the best possible wife to my husband. So, take that and that is not all, I have decided that I am making a list of resolutions for my husband. So, in your face, 2018, because I rock!

To be fair and honest, this decision is not because I am some stellar wife or perfect mom. I’m not. And I certainly don’t fit into my favourite pair of skinny jeans. And, I often turn into the devil mother and on occasion get fake headaches to avoid the ‘promise’ I made to the husband for the weekend!

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