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You will relate to this if you are the first bride of your group

How do you feel when you are the first one to tie the knot in your circle of woman friends?
kareena in veere di wedding

Girlfriends and the bride

If you feel lucky that you are the first one to embark on marriage among your friends, then you must also brace yourself for a lot of pressure from your peers. Those who say marriage changes nothing are lying to you. It not only changes your relationship status from single to married, but it affects every aspect of life. You move in with someone else, you change your routine, you start a new life. Bet on it that your friends will be the first to notice and point out every change you make. But you can trust them to be your loyal support system while you are going through this transition. So don’t give up on the old relationships for the new one; move forward with your life in grace.

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Moaning bridesmaid

As soon as you announce your marriage, your friends will start their celebrations. But you will definitely hear some wailing and moaning from your bridesmaid on the lines of the popular song, “tera hua abh mera kaya hoga?” Your marriage will make them think about their relationships and life choices. Some will wonder when or whether they will ever get married. You can even expect some healthy jealousy and complaints from your peers. They will compare your fiancé with their partner and evaluate their life. Don’t bother about that, at the end of the day they are happy for you, though you will have definite moments of doubt about it. The best option is to give them something to do in the ceremony; that’ll keep their minds off things.

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