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Winners of the contest ‘The first real love story I watched unfold’

Love stories that inspire! A special thanks to all the participants for going back to your real-life memories from the past and sending us heart-warming love stories
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Thanks for your wonderful response to our contest ‘The first real love story I watched unfold’. Writers got nostalgic as they wrote to us about heartwarming stories of couples, who challenged sickness & pain, circumstances & uncertainties and mistakes & misunderstandings.

At the end of the day, real love stories are the ones that go beyond the mush and sappiness to reveal couples who work at staying strong despite the trials thrown at them.

Here are the two winning entries that reinforced this thought, yet again. Enjoy the read!

love nd friendship

First prize: ‘A Love Story in an Arranged Marriage’ by Enakshi Biswas.

Second prize: ‘Love Brings Sunshine’ by Darshana Shukul.

Congratulations to the winners!

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