I am a woman of Questionable Character!

talking with a woman at work

I am married for almost 13 years, mother of two kids. I wear the clothes of my choice both Indian and western. I have many male friends and male colleagues. I go out for Coffee and Drinks. I am expressive and I laugh while talking to the people around including males. Though it is normal for me, but for the people around; my “normal” behavior makes me a woman of questionable character! Who is continuously into ‘multiple ‘ relationships’ because of my ‘Normally being myself’ !

Just because I can eat my lunch with a male colleague, can indulge in ice-cream and chocolate once in a while with someone, it is pointed out in the society.. Even in the so-called hep media house culture; it is an offense to be friends with Men! Some people are just so obsessed with bitching, that they can go to any extent to prove their point on someone’s character. I advise, Get a life of your own and stop discussing mine!

I am not surprised or shocked to see how society behaves and reacts in the movie #Pink! society is actually that way only. When I worked with TV news channel and would come late by office cab full of other staff including male, society would stare at me from the windows and dark corners of a balcony. I was raided in my house by a group of Aunties, who doubted if I am actually married to the man I am living with! Just because I don’t wear a mangal-sutra or sindoor or always decked up like a newly married girl (in 2004) , they would doubt us.

When I started working with an institute into media education, HR told me many times not to wear skirts and sleeveless tops as I should look like a teacher! One of the seniors once told me, I was married and from a good background so I shouldn’t wear the clothes like that kind of girls; pointing out two reception executives. And he meant that for jeans and shirt!!! Yes! This is the kind of society we are living in.. and #Pink does show them their real face.

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