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When woman from Venus outwitted man from Mars

Winning hearts with wit and humour
Sushma Swaraj

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj sure knows how to keep the buzz alive on Twitter. Her prompt response to tweets has already made her ‘loveably famous’. At her wittiest best, the External Affair minister batted another query in style when a man tweeted that he was stuck up on Mars.

In keeping with her ‘helpful’ nature, she promptly replied stating that the Indian embassy will help any of its countrymen even if they are located on a different planet. This reply sent Twitterati thinking with the micro-blogging website being flooded with funny, appreciative and awe inspired replies.

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This perhaps was a perfect check-mate moment when a woman silenced a man with a single tweet. And they say women lack wit. Men out there in a relationship, married, dating or thinking about settling down, you better think twice before tweeting your girl or woman. You never know her reply might end up making you ‘funnily’ famous. But when it comes to love, companionship and togetherness, a little fight always makes way for more love. What say?


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