She Would Say, “Aww So Cute!” Instantly, If You Are Doing These Things…

Things That Women Find Cute In Men Instantly

Dear Men, we know it when you try to go overboard and put that extra effort to garner our attention.

It’s done knowingly, maybe sometimes unknowingly but rest assured we might deny it but do like it for sure. We really find it cute and can go “Aww!” and feel super impressed too.

Guys, We Find These 12 Things Really Cute

1. That Oh! So cute moment when you are drooling your eyes with sheer admiration for the way we look.

2. That holding the door for a few extra seconds so that we can go ahead. We might ignore your effort but do love the gesture guys.

3. Listening to our blabbering on our PMSing days when we feel like shit and trying to make us comfortable with that hot steaming cup of coffee on a bad day.

4. That sweet moment when you are all praises about our normal look, just to get our appraisal for going out on a date or trying to be in our good books.

5. Bringing those cute puppies home. We love these cute bundles of joy.

6. Offering your chair to get our eyes laid on you in a full house party is a nice way to get our attention. We do love nice well- mannered men around.

7. Not raising an eye and giving a damn if a girl is smoking or having a drink and enjoying herself. Treating her equal makes you extra special to all the women out there.

8. Trying hard to garner the attention of any random girl in the pub and dancing along making weird dance moves won’t give you any brownie points dude, but no denying we do find it cute sometimes.

9. Holding hands and showing PDA by someone who matters, feel out of the world.

10. Remembering our birthdays, anniversaries and trying to make it extra special for us by your gesture make it a cherished moment for us.

11. Playing our favourite track in the car or bringing our favourite flowers is what we find sweet.

12. When we are unwell and you don’t grunt about it, going easy and trying to manage things showing care and concern. It’s a brownie point for you guys.

If you are trying to impress a girl we gave you all the clues. We just love it when you do these cute things for us. So if you are not already doing this cute thing to your girl go ahead and do and see how happy she gets.

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