The women in Mahesh Bhatt’s life

Mahesh Bhatt is known to be among the top movie producers and directors. Sure, he got popular with his movies, but there are many other things as well that kept him in the limelight and made him famous. He was in the news for a long time as he dated Parveen Babi and then married Soni Razdan without leaving his first wife Kiran (Lorraine Bright).

Movies give an insight into Mahesh Bhatt’s life

With a various autobiographical account of his life portrayed through his films have given us quite a good insight into his personal life. He even gave interviews and was clear about his love life, and he never hid anything, that’s one of the best things about him.

Mahesh Bhatt’s relationships made him what he is

Mahesh Bhatt’s love life has seen many ups and downs. He had been with three women in his life. And all the three women played essential roles in his life. He also accepts that he failed to maintain the relationships, but these relationships helped him to be the person that he has become today.

Mahesh Bhatt is one of the most significant filmmakers of his age. Despite all controversies or scandals, he has been one of the best directors and producers of Bollywood.

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