Women in Sanjay Dutt’s life

sanjaya nd manyata

The first woman in almost everyone’s life is their mother. Sanjay Dutt’s mother, Nargis, was the first woman in his life and supposedly, his biggest cheerleader as well. Nargis was happily married to Sunil Dutt, and their family seemed to be a happy family which included the Dutt parents and their three kids. Even though their house had a great atmosphere, Dutt soon fell in the trap of drugs when he was in his teens. After Nargis Dutt died a day before the release of Sanjay Dutt’s first movie, Rocky, he spiralled deep in the world of drugs and lost track of his own life.

Sanjay Dutt’s sisters helped him

His sisters – Namrata and Priya – much helped him get some semblance of normalcy in his life. Namrata saw to it that her brother went to rehab and made a deserving comeback in the industry. While Priya, who was much younger to Sanjay, helped her brother to fight for several of his cases since she was into politics.

Sanjay Dutt and his love affairs

Tina Munim, who was Sanjay Dutt’s first heroine, also happened to be his first rumoured girlfriend. The romance that transpired on the screen translated to real life as well. But she could not help him get over his drug addiction and eventually left him for a much older Rajesh Khanna.

In 1987, Sanjay Dutt married Richa Sharma. The two also had a daughter, Trishala. As quickly as he had fallen in love with his wife, he dropped out of it. He barely had any connection with either his wife or his daughter. Richa died of brain tumour eventually without having Sanjay on her side.

Sanjay Dutt happened to have a lot of women in his life, and the way he hastily fell in and out of love in a blink of an eye made his tumultuous love life, the talk of the entire town. Check out all the details about Sanjay Dutt and his love affairs.


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