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5 women share when they find their man the sexiest

What turns one person one may be very different from what sends another horny....
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Bae: /bei/: noun (informal)
Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the Internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc. People were confused about its origin up until 2011 when someone tweeted that the term was an acronym which stood for “before anyone else”.

Four women sat across each other. The table had an odd spread from homemade to gourmet. The cafeteria was quiet as the project managers took a break from the emergency meeting they had to conduct on a weekend. They loved the company and each other’s too, so nobody was complaining.

Nainika unpacked her foil packed sandwiches opening the conversation, “I love when he makes a grilled turkey sandwich. I felt bad though that he had to finish making the sandwiches after an exhausting round of what can only be called animal sex.” She snagged the attention of all three pairs of ears immediately.

The man who cooks

Nainika explained with a little defensiveness and a lot of smugness, “Arrey, it’s my thing. Every time he is in the kitchen shuffling through cabinets, flipping pancakes with his sleeves folded up to his elbow, I find him extremely hot. A small smudge of flour across his cheek and the long familiar fingers gracefully folding the edges of little baked thingies he makes…. Ooh mama! So yes, this morning he tried to surprise me with breakfast in bed and I surprised him by taking him to bed instead!” All four chuckled and Tabassum blew a cheering whistle. They all shared bites of the delicious sandwich that had seen too much, and delved deeper into what had been silently picked as the tiffin topic: ‘When is your bae the sexiest?’

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