Words, Wandering

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Starting the new year 2018 with my humble attempt at translating in English this beautiful, wistfully romantic Hindi poem written by my friend and fellow poet/writer Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar.

Words, Wandering

I speak to you in random stanzas

In newly crafted verses every single day.

I touch you in my woven words,

In the raagas that I string together

In the music that I hum, calling out

Your name in its every pore…

Every sweet morn, every evening,

My lips arrange your name,

Your spoken words– in the sweetest of symphonies.

I search for you in the garden of my wants,

I search for your essence

in the wanton winds of my desires.

I am certain, I have faith

That my lost, wandering voice,

The wafting melodies of my dainty words

Will reach you some day.

They will find you, as you will find them…

The string of those wayward songs

Will drive you towards me some day.

You might, or might not find my voice that day,

But these words, the songs strung

will echo in your deepest core.

Lopa Banerjee. January 1, 2018.

The original Hindi poem by Madhumita:

शब्दों का स्पन्दन …

लिखती हूँ पातियाँ कई

कविता करती हूँ हर दिन नई,

शब्दों को बुनती हूँ,

कुछ राग गूंथती हूँ,

गीत गुनगुनाती हूँ,

तुझको बुलाती हूँ,

साँझ- सवेरे,

इन अधरों पर मेरे,

नाम तेरा ही सजा रखा है,

वचनों को कुछ संजो रखा है,

वादियों में तुझे ढूंढ़ती ,

तेरी खुशबू हवाओं में खोजती,

एक आस है,

निश्चय है, विश्वास है,

कि मेरी खोई सी आवाज़,

ये सुगम शब्दों का साज़,

तुझ तक तो पहुँचेगी कभी,

ज़रूर पा जाएँगीं तुझको कहीं,

खींच लायेगी मेरे शब्दों की डोर

तुमको इक दिन मेरी ओर,

मेरी आवाज़ हो,ना हो सही,

इन शब्दों का स्पन्दन ही सही !


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