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How I worked on my relationship with my mother-in-law and got back to a job

Her mother-in-law opposed her working, but she did not give up and kept working on the relationship. Now she's her biggest supporter
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My mother-in-law decided that I wouldn’t continue working

I was barely into my first job in Kolkata when my marriage got fixed. With my first salary came the sentence – I was to wed at the end of that year.

The men, my husband and father-in-law, were progressive and wanted me to pursue a career instead of sitting idle at home. However, the road ahead wasn’t easy. The deciding authority was my mother-in-law. She vehemently opposed the idea, citing baseless reasons. I, being a submissive newly married bahu, kept mum, shedding tears silently.

I lacked the guts to confront my mother-in-law and dropped the idea of working. Though restarting my career after the wedding didn’t happen soon, I never lost hope. I would keep reminding myself about possibilities and better times that would some day come my way. I challenged myself into altering my mother-in-law’s mentality. A tough task, but worth every effort.

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