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I wouldn’t want to travel anywhere without my husband

Travelling together, even on a budget, brings out the real person behind the facade and helps couples understand each other better
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I’ve had too many girlfriends tell me how they want to embark on a solo trip to unexplored locales. They seem to have taken Kangana’s Queen character way too seriously. The boys, on the other hand, keep making elaborate plans to hit the beach. I’m not sure if they’ll ever get over the Dil Chahta Hai effect; in this life at least.

But if you ask me, I wouldn’t want go anywhere without my husband. No, we ain’t one of those annoying couples who pack each others’ bags, sign up for couple spa treatments and feed each other out of the same plate. We’re just two people who are destined to venture into the wilderness together. And it’s the adrenaline rush in rapids, warm sand between our toes, shells in a myriad shapes and sizes, warm sun on our arms, exotic herbs in the outdoor bath, blanket of stars over our tent and ribbons of mist in lush green meadows that invisibly binds us.

How to tell if he’s The One

When Shekhar asked me if I’d marry him three years back, I didn’t know if he was the one. “Marriage is one of the most important decisions of your life and you must take your time till you’re ready for it,” I heard a slew of editors heading ultra-glam lifestyle magazines and websites screaming in the background. Having said that, I also knew that when it came to zeroing in on my Mr Darcy, no number of expensive coffees and romantic dinners were going to help. I needed someone who could effortlessly make his way in through the complex maze of my heart while untangling its delicate knots.

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