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Is it wrong to flirt? Even Parineeti Chopra and Hardik Pandya weren’t spared of this

Social media loves to be a matchmaker..actress Parineeti Chopra and cricketer Hardik Pandya were in news for this...
Pariniti and Hardik

If you are a social media buff who keeps an eagle eye on all the latest Bollywood couples and hook-up stories then you must have ended up with a lot of fake news, rumours and disappointments than happy, celebratory ones. This is because of the over-enthusiastic matchmaker – social media. It is always on its toes to unite two potential celebrities and then bask in its own successful matchmaking story. And this time it is the recent maiden Test ton scorer, Hardik Pandya and the Bollywood beauty Parineeti Chopra.
So, the plot line goes like this – Parineeti tweeted a picture of a bicycle and captioned it: “The perfect trip with the most amazing partner? Love is in the air!!!”

At the very mention of the words ‘partners’ and ‘love’, conspiracies, theories and speculations started to float until they met their destination with the all-rounder cricketer, Hardik Pandya’s tweet: “@ParineetiChopra Can I guess? I think this is a second Bollywood & Cricket link. :p Great click by the way.”

Was it a secret Cricket-Bollywood link? The atmosphere grew even more mysterious after Pari’s coded tweet to Pandya. Everything came to a halt in the climax.

This small spark was enough. What extremely good news! Pandya and Parineeti were sharing secret messages on Twitter and Twitteratti was flittering about like crazy. Love was definitely in air. Matchmaking of the season was successful.
However, plot twist came Parineeti revealed her real ‘amazing partner’ and social media couldn’t help but throw in the towel. Her caption reads: “For all those who are curious about the on going rumours. Here’s the real story behind my new partner.”

So, now that one more love story is foiled, all we would like to say is keep up the good friendship and camaraderie Pandya and Parineeti. Relationship or not, we would definitely love to see a sporty and good humoured friendship between Bollywood celebs and cricket stars.

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