Break-up & Loss

You promised we’d have a good life together

They met online and forged a strong bond through distance and illness, but then his messages began to decrease
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Abhi and I met through a social networking site. Initially things were casual. He lived in a different city and I thought nothing would materialise, but the flip side of a long distance relationship is that you have enough time to connect mentally and emotionally. Abhi was an orphan from an affluent business family down south. He was lonely. He needed someone to support him, understand him and love him. Our conversations grew and we realised we had a strong connection.

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And then Abhi was diagnosed with Stage 1 stomach cancer. That news shook us both.

Abhi was in a fragile mental state. I wanted to rush to him and hold him tight and say that I will never leave him. Abhi shared all his treatment details with me and we’d have conversations in the middle of the night whenever he felt depressed. After one cycle of chemo when he felt a little better he flew to Mumbai to meet me. He went back after a couple of days for further treatment and I kept in touch through messages.

There were days when he did not respond. But I kept going, because he’d promised me that he would come back strong. We had plans for a good life.

Time passed and Abhi’s messages became fewer. He stopped responding to the ones I sent, let alone sending any himself. He didn’t even remember to call me on my birthday. I had begun to worry.

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