Affair and Cheating

You’ll be shocked to discover why Pinky disappeared for two years

She vanished from her friends' circle for two years and when she came back she had an amazing story to report
Sad woman with tears

I kept trying Pinky’s cell number but the operator said it was switched off. She had simply vanished into thin air. I had never stored her husband’s cell number, so I had no other way of contacting her. So I sent her a message on Facebook, but there was no response there either. Other friends tried to contact her too, and failed. We were all surprised and hurt by her lack of communication and disappearance. Finally, we came to the conclusion that she didn’t want to stay in touch with us, so we stopped trying to contact her.

Out of the blue

After two years of her sudden disappearance, one morning I got a call from her. She was the mother of a baby boy now. Pinky said that she had been with her in-laws for those two years. According to her, she was so busy with her pregnancy, baby etc. that she couldn’t make the time to call us. I accepted her excuse, hard though it was to comprehend. She was back in the city and we decided to meet soon. I wanted to celebrate her return.

“I am coming over with beer and snacks,” I told her.

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