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Marriage is all about togetherness

Hello Readers, As we all know that today, the generation is changing very fast and we have to gain/achieve everything quickly. I am a married woman and being married is a big thing for our society and Indian culture. When you are married, it hardly matters whether you are highly educated or less educated. I …

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Happiness with him

Hello Reader’s, This post is completely my personal experience within an year. Its one year of my marriage. There were so many ups and downs. So many happiness n sadness. So many fightings and so much of love too. Truely speaking, frustration is obvious after this much trouble. When you get a life partner, you …

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Hello Reader’s, This time I am writing on a very different topic i.e. Husbands-bechare even after being a girl. I am writing after witnessing from my own eyes? Seriously, husbands are like a potato inside a sandwich. They are pushed from both sides like in a debate there are two teams, one is for supporting …

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mother and child at beach in sunset

Mothers alike Soldiers

Hello Readers, As we all know Mothers Day is celebrated every year. This year also on 14th may, we will definitely celebrate the special day of special person who is none other than God to us. Yes!The day is a celebration of mothers and the maternal bond and traditionally children give flowers, presents and cards …

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He- My Obssession

Hello Readers,Yes! He is the only one person/thing left on this Earth, with whom I’m obssessed. He is the only living thing who has just trashed me out of all living & non living thing by making me crazy. I am not able to see anything now, sometimes I feel that, M I blind??But no, …

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Marriage- A lifetime Love

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] You know what True Love means?? Yes! I know for teenagers it’s just a so called relationship and infatuation which develops inside them for a girl or a boy. But, is that really a true love?? A big fat NO from me.. True love is something which is very different and little difficult …

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