Arranged Marriage

India has progressed in leaps and bounds and the dating scene in the country has gone through a sea change but strangely enough arranged marriages are still more popular than love marriages.

Indian men get qualifications from universities, have good jobs abroad but they want to get married to a woman their parents would choose. The same goes for highly qualified, established Indian women too. They are also going for arranged marriages because that would provide them with security and parity.

It’s truly arranged marriages have a far better survival rate in India than love marriages because in case of arranged marriages the families are involved and they make the decisions in the best interest of the bride and the groom.

But arranged marriages are not bereft of issues. Family support often turns into family interference. Sometimes mental and physical compatibility is not achieved and in an arranged marriage sometimes expectations are not met.

There are plenty of stories too where brides say how they fell head-over-heels in love with their partners after an arranged marriage and how they have been the pillar to each other through all the ups and downs in life. Savour these arranged marriage stories on Bonobology.

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