The end of a marriage is among the most painful crossroads you can find yourself at. As more and more realize that there is no wisdom in sacrificing themselves at the altar of unfulfilling, unhappy, loveless, and worst of all, abusive marriages, divorce rates have seen an upward tick globally. However, just because it is more prevalent and less stigmatized doesn’t make it any easier to navigate the emotional, logistical, and legal ramifications of divorce.

This is the time when you need a strong support system more than ever, and Bonobology can be a trusted ally in your journey. From how to identify you need a divorce to preparing the children for it, the right way to deal with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, managing the emotional turmoil as well as the messy aspects of money and assets, we’re here to hold your hand at every step of the way.  Apart from insightful articles that can help you gain a clearer perspective on your situation, we also have a full panel of experts – comprising therapists, marriage counselors, and lawyers – who can make this transition less arduous for you. The loneliness, the uncertainty, the pain may seem all-consuming, but you’re not alone.

reasons for divorce

15 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

reasons for divorce

Every couple experiences love and marriage in their own unique way. Similarly, the experience of falling out of love and the breakdown of marriage is unique too. But what is that final straw that breaks the camel’s back? Are you here looking to check if your reason belongs on a list of the most common …

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