Married Life

Do you ever wonder why some people find the perfect person to marry and enjoy a happy married life? On the other hand, some marry a person who is not compatible with them and have marriage failure. So how to live a happy married life?

A happy married life doesn’t just happen because you say ‘I do’. It takes efforts from both the husband and the wife to make it work. Our relationship experts offer helpful tips on how to live a happy married life and give practical advice to you to help you deal with common marriage issues. Refer to our Married Life category for real-life insights on marriages, read the Bonobology stories on marriage and relationships and work towards a happy married life.

signs your marriage is in trouble

21 Subtle Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Trouble brews in a marriage long before it reaches a breaking point. The warning signs might range from constant arguing and poor communication to more subtle signs like feeling emotionally detached and keeping score during fights.