Married Life

Do you ever wonder why some people find the perfect person to marry and enjoy a happy married life? On the other hand, some marry a person who is not compatible with them and have marriage failure. So how to live a happy married life?

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signs of losing interest in relationship

15 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In The Relationship

If your partner has been acting strangely and pulling himself/herself away from you, there’s a high chance that your concerns about them not being invested in the relationship are not unfounded. Knowing how to identify the signs of losing interest in a relationship can help clear your doubts and give you clarity.

when your husband defends another woman

What To Do When Your Husband Defends Another Woman? Tips And Coping Advice

Do you often find yourself wondering what it means when your husband defends another woman repeatedly? Does it mean that your husband is emotionally attached to another woman who you don’t quite trust? Do you feel hurt when this happens and are you seeking answers to some of these confusions? Read more to find answers to these questions

Marriage Is Over

12 Heartbreaking Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Don’t marry someone you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without. At one point in time, you probably felt that way about your spouse. However, over time something changed. When you hit a rough spot, it can hard to see the signs that your marriage is over.

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