Affair and Cheating

Extramarital affairs are as old as marriage itself. However, having an affair and cheating are two marginally different things and the reasons why a man may have an affair or cheat and the reasons why a woman would have an affair and/or cheat her spouse are very different. In many marriages, a spouse having an affair turns out to be ‘a marriage stabiliser’.

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17 Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

When a woman is cheating on you, even if the affair is mostly physical, her mind will be elsewhere and she will seem constantly preoccupied.

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free spy apps for cheaters

15 Best Free Spy Apps For Cheaters (Android And iOS)

A hunch isn’t good enough to confront your partner about infidelity. What you need is concrete proof – proof that free spy apps for cheaters can fetch. The virtual world will come to your aid as a last resort when you’re fed up with your other half cheating behind your back. We say last resort because only 1% of situations warrant an invasion of privacy. 

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Definite signs he loves the other woman

18 Definite Signs He Loves The Other Woman

You think your man is in love with another woman but you are unsure. So what are the obvious signs to look for to determine if he loves another woman

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