Spice It Up

Ever heard of something called “Edging”? It’s something like you are approaching orgasm and then you turn back. Again you build up the pace. When finally you reach the climax it’s a mindboggling feeling.

Guess that is what we mean when we talk about spicing up your sex life. The section Spice It Up is all about filling up on knowledge and techniques to spice up your bedroom sessions.

There are handy tips, expert views and confession stories where they talk about different ways in which they spiced it up. We tell you about the best positions to use for maximum pleasure, how to use candles and aroma to create the mood in your bedroom and how outdoor sex could be tantalizing.

People talk about their experiments with BDSM, sex toys, foods that boost sexual drive and doing simple things like warming up together in a shower.

This section has everything you need to pep up your sex life. Just browse through the articles and spice it up.

roleplay ideas

21 Exotic Roleplay Ideas To Boost Naughtiness In Your Relationship

Roleplaying offers a unique way to break down barriers, communicate openly about desires, and step into exciting scenarios that go beyond the ordinary. Dive into a world of passion and fantasy with these 21 exotic roleplay ideas designed to invigorate and deepen the intimacy in your relationship.

foreplay games

21 Kinky Foreplay Games To Turn Up The Heat

Foreplay is a very important part of sexual relationships. Often times, the monotony of the same kind of foreplay can put you and your partner in a rut. Here are 21 ways to spice up the foreplay and turn up the heat in the bedroom.

sexting codes and meanings

21 Common Sexting Codes And Meanings

Sexting is fun, until you come across a code of which you do not know the meaning. Then suddenly you are Indiana Jones racing against time to decode the riddle before either of you lose interest in sexting. Sounds familiar? We are here to help.