Breakups and Scars

No matter at what point of a relationship a breakup happens it takes a toll on you emotionally. You could have been dating a person for some time or you could have been in a long relationship or you decided to call it quits after a few years of marriage, but the whole feeling that you could not make it work persists after the breakup.

It does take your time to move on. Each breakup teaches you a lesson about yourself, about the person you were with and you do carry the scars of a broken relationship even after it’s over.

Sometimes the scars can come from abuse in a relationship – a survey revealed 23 per cent of urban Indian women face domestic violence – it could come from emotional and financial abuse, unbearable interference from in-laws or mental or physical incompatibility.

Be it a marriage resulting in a divorce or two lovers breaking up, the end of every relationship comes with baggage. One needs to deal with that emotional baggage, heal and finally move on.

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