Emotional Stress

There is no denying the fact that an extramarital affair can make one feel like a teenager in love again as the heart races when you see The One and then there is an emotional and physical connection that is established outside the existing relationship. But as the days go by cheating is bound to create emotional stress.

The stress could be felt by the person who comes to know about the affair or it could be felt by the person who has to deal with the guilt of cheating constantly and live a life of lies.

Due to extramarital affairs, the emotional stress builds up over time and sometimes as a result couples decide to part ways, some continue in unhappy marriages, internalizing the constant stress and some choose to go to a counsellor to work things out. In this section,Bonobology stories talk about emotional stress that results from extramarital affairs and how people choose to deal with it.

signs of emotional invalidation

23 Signs Of Emotional Invalidation In A Relationship

It’s a common belief that people in relationships are supportive of each other, and invalidation occurs intentionally only. Unfortunately, individuals frequently don’t realize that they could be invalidating their partners unintentionally. They either treat it as an effort to “help” their partner get over a difficult experience, or they fail to sympathize. 

signs he will cheat again

11 Signs He Will Cheat Again

While there is no guarantee that a man who cheats won’t repeat his actions, there are some signs that can help you negotiate the future course of a relationship