Just for Fun

What is life without some fun and masti? A relationship is anyway dead if there isn’t a fun element in it. Fun and Masti in relationships as the words denote stand for simple fun and enjoyment.

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Inspiring Letting Go Quotes

48 Inspiring Letting Go Quotes

Love is a powerful and addictive feeling. This makes letting go a challenging task. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, unrequited feelings, or holding onto a past that no longer serves us, the act of releasing can be both daunting and liberating. We’ve curated a list of inspiring quotes by those who have walked …

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dry sense of humor

What Is A Dry Sense Of Humor?

How can one define ‘dry humor’? Simply put, it’s when a person says funny things but the facial expressions are serious/calm. The trouble with this type of humor is that it may not be understood by most people. Some may even take offense when dry jokes are thrown their way.

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