Great Sex

People who can unleash their passion in the bedroom and find compatibility in their partners can talk about Great Sex.

But great sex does not always happen with the steady partner or the person you are married to. As the stories in Bonobology tell us the best sex could be experienced in a one-night stand, with an ex who suddenly came back to one’s life or with the partner as well on a sudden unplanned holiday where the children are left behind with the grandparents.

The articles point out that in a marriage Great Sex is not about just achieving the Big O it is about understanding each other’s body and needs better, understanding the erotic zones, the importance of touch and the willingness to experiment with positions and techniques.

Bonobology’s stories on Great Sex are eye-openers and can help people who are struggling with waning sexual desire in long-term relationships.

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Foreplay: More Than Just a Warm-Up 

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