Welcome to Bonobology!

A space dedicated entirely to discussions on couple relationships. A portal which offers a secure, fun and non-judgemental space to urban Indians to read about, share and to discuss their experiences in the journey of love and relationships. Reading about others who are in the same boat or learning about the challenges that other couples and singles are dealing with always helps one gain perspective and possibly helps us strengthen our own relationship along the way.

We have a huge bank of personal narratives that have come to us from Indians across the globe, which cover various facets of coupledom. The happy dizzying love, the carefree single life, heartbreak, affairs, sex and much more. To make them easy to find, they’ve been slotted into different categories, namely:

Single and Dating

Live-in and Open

Love and Friendship

Break-up and Loss

Married Life

Affair and Cheating

Sex and Passion

Struggles and Scars


Spirituality and Mythology


Also, we have with us an esteemed panel of experts (doctors, lawyers, counsellors) who answer relationship questions that come in from our readers. (He is dating all three of us but I think he loves ‘me’ truly!/My girlfriend caught me masturbating and left me, what do I do!/My mother in law hates me, please help!)  From time to time our experts also share articles on various subjects related to couple relationships. (Importance of the female orgasm/why you keep falling for the wrong guy/how single men and women approach love differently). You can find them all of them in our Expert Speak section.

Want to discuss something with like-minded people? (Why is women’s infidelity more controversial than a man’s?) Join our discussions page. Need to offload or vent? (I cheated on my wife but I love her dearly). Unburden by writing in anonymously in our confessions page. Want some light entertainment? Check out our videos, quotes and quick bites. Have a story that you’d like to share? Look no further, submit here.

What on earth does Bonobology mean?

This inspiration for the name Bonobology comes from the word ‘Bonobos’. Bonobos are a species of ape whose societies know virtually no conflict. They are also the closest to humans in DNA. Hence at ‘Bonobo-logy’, we are attempting to provide a space that will allow couples to resolve their conflicts and be more like our closest ape cousins! Read more about Bonobos here.

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