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Bonobology.com is a space dedicated to couple relationships in all their forms. From single life to dating, cishet couples to LGBTQA+ community, navigating the challenges of long-term relationships, marriage, parenting, divorce, dealing with issues of infidelity, toxicity, and abuse to helping people take a leap of faith in finding love again at whatever stage of life they choose, we’re your relationship companion at every step of the way.

Our panel of skilled, licensed, and experienced counselors and mental health experts help us help you in your journey to forge healthier, wholesome romantic connections. Apart from offering counseling services, these experts also share their professional insights through our self-help articles.

Founded by Raksha Bharadia, who is forever intrigued by the complexities of romantic relationships, Bonobology celebrates happy, imperfect love without judgment or bias, and strives to help people love more mindfully.

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