Loveless Marriage

You might be wondering, how can a marriage be loveless? But it is true. There are plenty of marriages where love never happened or love died after a few years and couples survive their whole lives with the embers.

A marriage, as we all know, needs constant work. But sometimes a couple stops working on it and drift away from each other ending up in a loveless marriage. They go about their routine life working, doing household chores or looking after the children but there is hardly any communication between them at the dinner table or in the bedroom.

It’s painful to be in a loveless marriage. It’s even more painful when one person is still in love but the other person has moved on. There are no birthday gifts or dinner dates anymore and no emotional support or physical intimacy. A woman writes a letter to her husband telling him how unloved she feels and another woman talks about how marital rape robbed her of the chance to love her man. Another lady said that she wished she never married the man she loved. He was far better as a boyfriend, becoming the husband changed him completely. The stories are striking and varied.

Marriage Is Over

12 Heartbreaking Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Don’t marry someone you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without. At one point in time, you probably felt that way about your spouse. However, over time something changed. When you hit a rough spot, it can hard to see the signs that your marriage is over.