Loveless Marriage

You might be wondering, how can a marriage be loveless? But it is true. There are plenty of marriages where love never happened or love died after a few years and couples survive their whole lives with the embers.  

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Marriage Is Over

12 Heartbreaking Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Don’t marry someone you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without. At one point in time, you probably felt that way about your spouse. However, over time something changed. When you hit a rough spot, it can hard to see the signs that your marriage is over.

signs a marriage cannot be saved

17 Signs A Marriage Cannot Be Saved

Several tell-tale signs can tell you when it’s time to stop trying to figure out how to save a broken marriage and when to call it quits. We’re here to help you identify those red flags so that you can stop trying to resuscitate a dead relationship and focus on your healing

signs your husband doesn't find you attractive

17 Worrying Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Find You Attractive And 5 Ways To Handle It

Who knew that after the most picture-perfect wedding day, seven long years of a happy marriage, one brilliant child and four international vacations later, you’d be here trying to understand the signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive?  A dry spell in a marriage, feeling distant from one another, not having too much to talk …

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signs your husband is planning to leave you

14 Signs Your Husband Is Planning To Leave You

As a feminist, I wondered why would any woman want to hold on to a man who clearly has no interest in her but then the heart works in mysterious ways. What was left unsaid by my friend was this: ‘My husband wants to leave me but I still love him and want to do everything to prevent this from happening.’

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