Working On the Marriage

This is something you hear all the time. You have to work on marriage to make it work. But what does working on marriage mean? It means you have to put in the extra effort all the time to ensure that your partner feels loved and there remains an emotional and physical connect all the time. 

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when your husband defends another woman

What To Do When Your Husband Defends Another Woman? Tips And Coping Advice

Do you often find yourself wondering what it means when your husband defends another woman repeatedly? Does it mean that your husband is emotionally attached to another woman who you don’t quite trust? Do you feel hurt when this happens and are you seeking answers to some of these confusions? Read more to find answers to these questions

things husbands do to destroy marriage

13 Common Things Husbands Do To Destroy Their Marriage

A marriage needs efforts from both partners to make it work. Yet there are things husbands do to destroy a marriage and you might begin to feel that the burden of maintaining the relationship lies on you completely. Sounds familiar? here are some signs you need to watch out for.

sleep divorce

What Is Sleep Divorce and How Can It Save A Marriage?

Sharing a bed is seen as one of the most intimate things a couple can do. but what if it starts resulting in no sleep? We break down everything to do with ‘sleep divorce’ so you can figure out if it’s for you.

why do people lie in relationships

12 Signs Of A Lying Spouse

Look out for the following signs as they will help you in identifying and confronting a lying spouse. This might just be the key to saving your relationship

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