What is infidelity? The dictionary meaning of the word is ‘the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner’. So infidelity happens when a partner cheats in a marriage or a sexual relationship with any other partner. But in the modern era, thanks to the onslaught of the internet, infidelity has taken various forms and is not confined to cheating through physical relationships only.

Infidelity can be emotional infidelity and it can be online infidelity when people go into chat rooms and fulfil their sexual fantasies. And someone who is imagining someone else while in bed with his or her partner could also be indulging in infidelity.

So with time, the whole definition of infidelity has changed although it continues to be a very common issue among partners. Statistics show that in India 10 out of 7 women cheat on their spouses because they are so bored with their relationships. According to another survey, 76% of Indian women and 61% of men say that infidelity is not a sin or is immoral.

Bonobology brings to you India’s take on infidelity and cheating – both the macro and the micro perspectives.

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The answer to “why do people cheat?”, unlike popular belief, is not always ‘the other person’. People wonder if there are any good reasons to cheat, but it’s difficult to say if there are any, unless the relationship you’re currently in is abusive. In most cases, cheating may feel good for some time, but more than one person suffers through your actions.