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You do not deserve abuse. Learn to identify the signs of an abusive partner and stand up for yourself. Our experts are here to hold your hand through this difficult journey and help you break free.

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Experiencing verbal, emotional or physical abuse in a relationship is damaging to one’s self-worth. Not only is such a relationship extremely unhealthy but also leaves the victim feeling trapped. They may either blame themselves for the abuse or resent their partner, but find it hard to leave. Often, the abuse is not very obvious and the victims do not recognize that they are being abused. According to the National Family Health Survey, 31% of married women have faced physical, sexual, and emotional violence by their spouses. These shocking statistics have not accounted for economic abuse that experts have identified as a prevalent problem in Indian society. Partners often use physical, sexual, or psychological and emotional abuse to gain power and control over the other and this need could stem from childhood trauma. If you, or someone you know, is living with an abusive partner in a toxic environment, we want to help you find the right way forward. Schedule a session with one of our expert counselors and begin the journey of reclaiming control of your life. Abuse is never okay and an abuser rarely changes. We are here for you!

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