LGBTQ and Closeted Counseling

Struggling with coming to terms with your sexual orientation? The fear of ostracization and societal judgment can make it harder to embrace your sexuality and come out of the closet. You don’t have to suffer alone for what comes naturally to you. Our experts can help.

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People belonging to the LGBTQ community continue to face stigma and discrimination that can prove detrimental to their mental and emotional health. Their reasons for seeking counseling are not only limited to depression, anxiety, grief, etc but extend beyond these problems. They have their own set of unique challenges that have a lot to do with their sexuality, gender identity, and heart-wrenching discrimination. We understand how nerve-wracking it feels to be hiding inside a closet. Why must one person not be able to come to terms with their own identity just because others have a problem with it? Not anymore. With the help of our expert counselors and therapists, you now have a safe space to talk about your challenges and overcome them. Do not worry, any booking that comes to us remains 100% confidential. It stays between you and the counselor. Helping you overcome your hurdles and closeted claustrophobia is our only aim.

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