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Does the society judge a woman for being Herself? | Bonobology

They say I don't behave like a woman. Does that make me unfit for marriage?

- Vedaprana Purkayastha
Posted on : 08 Dec 2016

She finds that she doesn’t want to be like what everyone says a woman should be like; does that make her a man?

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What is the right age to get married? |

You're a woman over 18. It's time for marriage!

- Runjhun Noopur
Posted on : 18 May 2016

Runjhun Noopur writes about coming of marriageable age, the ticking biological clock, and the pressure from all sides.

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Has the definition of marriage changed over the years?

Has the definition of marriage changed over the years?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 26 Oct 2015

From a tool for survival, it became all about happiness

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Why Get Married At All When Dating Is Great? | Bonobology

Dating is great. Why get married at all?

- Shahnaaz Khan
Posted on : 01 Sep 2016

When it comes to a couple, does matrimony signify a new stage in their relationship?

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He Fought His Family, To Help Me In Dealing With Endometriosis | Bonobology

He fought his family, to help me fight my demons

- Joyeeta Talukdar
Posted on : 07 Oct 2016

His family urged him to go for a second marriage when she couldn’t conceive. But her husband became her strength helping her battle both endometriosis and depression

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Has the Internet made having affairs simpler? |

Love triangles are passe'. It's time for the Love Pentagon!

- Aarti Pathak
Posted on : 23 Mar 2017

Even though society respects and applauds monogamy many are drawn away from it. Infidelity has always been a part of society and will probably stay as long as humans and relationships themselves exist.

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Online Matrimony vs Online Dating: Which one would you prefer and why?

Turns out that the world of online matrimony is not very different from the real matrimony market- where the important variables are ca...

Challenges every couple faces in the first year of marriage

Marrying someone may be your fondest wish come true but you can never be prepared for what comes next - the first year of living with someon...

Intercultural marriage

My boyfriend and I belong to different faiths and have been dating for quite a while. We are thinking of marriage but it seems like an insurmountab... Read More

I don't earn. Should I be ok with my boyfriend paying for fancy dinners though I'm not comfortable?

I have been dating for five months now. The guy earns decent while I am still unemployed. My feminist values don't let him pay for my stuff but at the... Read More

I had a huge fight with my boyfriend and we are not speaking. Who should make the first move to talk?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven weeks now. Two days back, we had a huge fight and haven't spoken to each other since then. Should I wait... Read More

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Should I Marry My Lover | Love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage | Bonobology.Com

Should I marry for love or for my parents?

Simi Posted on : 23 May 2017

Think about your own values, what you want from life, your preparedness for marriage and then take a decision

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Got married with my crush but she does not know

My marriage is arrange marriage. Luckily I got married to my crush whom I loved from my college days..She is very beautiful & talented girl...I always... ... Read More

No love left in relationship

I've been dating for 9 years and we are finally going to tie the knot after managing to convince our families. But I don't feel there is any love left... ... Read More

First time sex

Been dating for almost a year. I think we are ready to move to the next stage. How to start sex for the first time, and ask my partner? Don't want to ... ... Read More

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Get Fit Together for this Valentine

Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

Posted on : 30 Jan 2017 Event Status : Closed

Get Fit and look fabulous this Valentine's Day. Tune in on Thursday 2nd Feb at 9 PM for a Facebook Live sessio...

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