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Some Me Time | Bonobology

Some 'me' time after the baby

- Radhika Tabrez
Posted on : 23 Sep 2016

Travelling solo for the first time since having a baby, she gained a new perspective on being in a relationship from choice, not need

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Bonobology | Love Helped Her Overcome The Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood sexual abuse left me with shame. Until love and acceptance freed me.

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 04 Jun 2016

She was the victim but she was left feeling it was her fault, and she should be ashamed. Until her boyfriend came along, and true love freed her of her shame. Here is an inspirational anonymous entry for the Bonobology 'You got my back' contest.

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Reflections of a woman prompted by the rare sighting of a Supermoon | Bonobology

Of relationship goals, supermoons and a husband who laughs at you

- Archana Mohan
Posted on : 18 Nov 2016

The rare sight of the supermoon prompts her to reassess her life goals, to be achieved by the next time it comes around

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When I made Bed Tea for my Husband | Bonobology

The first cup of tea

- Moupia Basu
Posted on : 15 Dec 2016

Traditionally it is the ‘good wife’ who makes the husband his first cup of tea for the day. With that thought in mind, she decided to set the ball rolling for an exciting and romantic journey ahead.

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Sajid Khan on relationship lessons, one night stands and getting over a break up |

"Many people get married for the wrong reasons" - Sajid Khan

- Kabir Singh Bhandari
Posted on : 10 Mar 2016

Kabir Singh Bhandari gets up close and personal with Sajid Khan, whom he refers to as the ‘filmi world ka encyclopedia’

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Unrequited love, Stolen moments and Longing for Love |

The signal is red, and I'm looking for her little blue car

- Arijit Ghosh
Posted on : 13 Jun 2016

Standing at the signal, when I think of her, I realize I haven’t moved very far from where I started. Arijit Ghosh narrates a true account for a friend.

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First break up post divorced

I got divorced two years ago, which really took an emotional toll on me. However, 6 months ago I started dating someone and thought that may...

getting to know your date

Online dating I feel is a bigger gamble than dating someone you'e met through a friend/ college/ work etc. The first date when you meet ...

I had a huge fight with my boyfriend and we are not speaking. Who should make the first move to talk?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven weeks now. Two days back, we had a huge fight and haven't spoken to each other since then. Sho...

When was the last time you did something for the first time with your spouse??

 Anything that you have done together for the first time like painting,cooking,gardening,running,exercising etc.. What was the feelings w... Read More

getting to know your date

Online dating I feel is a bigger gamble than dating someone you'e met through a friend/ college/ work etc. The first date when you meet the per... Read More

Questions for arranged marriage

What are some crucial questions to ask a prospective match when meeting someone for the first time for an arranged marriage? Questions that are not... Read More

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I Fantasise My Aunt | Help Me Stop My Sexual Thoughts | Bonobology.Com

Help me stop the sexual thoughts I have for my aunt. I don’t want them.

Sunny Posted on : 02 Jun 2017

You suffer from obsessive intrusive thoughts. Meet a Clinical Psychologist for this, do not delay.

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Ask Deepak | After 2 Failed Sexless Marriages And Divorce, I

After two failed marriages, I've lost confidence

Ruchika Posted on : 06 Sep 2016

Believe that the failure was not your fault; try online dating

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I had a bad break up and unable to move on after breakup |

A bad break-up has left me wary of dating again. How do I snap out of it?

Ajay Sharma (35), stock market analyst Posted on : 16 May 2016

Normal as it is to experience sadness, one can easily spiral into a dysfunctional state that could have been avoided after the necessary time devoted to grieving and healing.

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First time sex

Been dating for almost a year. I think we are ready to move to the next stage. How to start sex for the first time, and ask my partner? Don't want to ... ... Read More

What was your first time like? Did it match up to your expectations, hilarious? Lets share!

Everyone most likely has dreamt of the perfect setting for experiencing their first kiss and when that’s over your imagination runs wild. What would y... ... Read More

He gets drunk and misbehaves in parties and then blames me for taking him to the party in the first place.

I think I am so dependent on him emotionally that I end up apologising for it. ... Read More

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Confessions with Joie Bose Episode 3: For The Love of Lies

Posted on : 17 May 2017 Event Status : Running

In episode 3 of Confessions wit...

Get Fit Together for this Valentine

Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

Posted on : 30 Jan 2017 Event Status : Closed

Get Fit and look fabulous this Valentine's Day. Tune in on Thursday 2nd Feb at 9 PM for a Facebook Live sessio...

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