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After Break Up, Is It A Good Idea To Stay Friends With Our Ex? | Bonobology

Can we be Friends with our Exes?

- Rachna Parmar
Posted on : 12 Aug 2016

Rachna Parmar explores the implications of remaining friends with an ex-partner

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Comments: 6

Bonobology | A Modern Draupadi | Loving Two Men With Consent

A modern Draupadi...loving two men with consent

- Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 29 May 2016

Indian society expects that married women will have no relationships outside marriage, but Saheli has experienced such a relationship, with her husband’s consent

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Comments: 11

Can you be friends with your ex? |

Can you be friends with an ex? Do you tell your partner about it?

- Tia Basu
Posted on : 24 Mar 2017

How do you move on in a relationship when it’s no longer about the ‘love-love’?

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We Are Happily Married | My Ex Is My Best Friend | Bonobology.Com

We broke up 16 years ago. Yet my ex remains my best friend

- Shuchi Kalra
Posted on : 16 May 2017

Her best friend just happens to be an ex-boyfriend. Why is that hard to accept?

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On open, non-shaming communication and giving attention to an existing relationship

Not enjoying sex with your husband? In a relationship but attracted to a colleague? Our expert speaks...

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 06 Apr 2016

From the benefits of open and non shaming communication, to the importance of giving attention to your existing relationships...psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert advice for your relationship issues

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Is it logical to have sex without attachment?

Does a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship actually work?

- Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 31 Mar 2017

Ayushmaan Chatterjee asks in the Bonobology community forum how logical it is to have sex with somebody and still opt out of any emotional bonding

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Is it advisable to remain friends with ex husband?

relationships are complicated. Seperation is more complicated. In such situations, Is it advisable to remain friends with ex husband?

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Being friends with ex good or bad?

Being friends with ex good or bad?

What if you are friends with ex but still have feelings for them?

What if you are friends with ex but still have feelings for them?

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Are Sexual compatibility and happy married life related? | Bonobology

His sex drive is less and now I don't care much either

Name Withheld Posted on : 01 Feb 2017

Talk with your husband, work with him to bring sex back

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Ask Deepak | In Love With My Brother

I am in a secret intimate relationship with my brother's wife, and feel guilty about it. How do I get out of this mess?

Name Withheld Posted on : 08 Jun 2016

It would be helpful to urge your sister-in-law to find a way out on her own from the marriage or the issues that she faces with her husband, your brother.

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Friends with benefits

My friend and I have broken up with our perspective others and don't think we want to be in relationships for a while. So we have decided to enter int... ... Read More

Getting back with my ex

I have managed to become friends with an ex, who I still like. While I believe we should give this relationship another shot, he does not think so. Ho... ... Read More

Affair with three guys

When I was in college for my graduation, I had affairs with three guys just for fun. I had physical relationship with them too. Now I got married & h... ... Read More

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Confessions with Joie Bose Episode 3: For The Love of Lies

Posted on : 17 May 2017 Event Status : Running

In episode 3 of Confessions wit...

Get Fit Together for this Valentine

Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

Posted on : 30 Jan 2017 Event Status : Closed

Get Fit and look fabulous this Valentine's Day. Tune in on Thursday 2nd Feb at 9 PM for a Facebook Live sessio...

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