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My Girlfriend & I Made A Pact To Not Smoke Thereafter | Bonobology.Com

My girlfriend’s first pull of the cigarette

- Avinash Kumar Verma
Posted on : 12 Jun 2017

She really, really wanted to do it, and he did it all the time, so…

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Big Fat Indian Weddings and the Divorce That Comes Soon After | Bonobology.Com

You won't believe the biggest reason for live-in relationships getting popular

- Jaseena Backer
Posted on : 05 May 2017

The stability and permanence of marriage is increasingly under threat, with divorce being sought for often mundane reasons, despite long engagements or living together before marriage

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Rewards & Challenges In A Live-In Relationship | Bonobology.Com

I lived-in for a year and I’ll never regret it

- Pabla Iraz
Posted on : 12 Jun 2017

She discovered that living together before marriage has both challenges and rewards

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Does the humble little crab have an important relationship advice?

Does the humble little crab have an important relationship advice?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 16 Jan 2016

Sometimes it is best to dig in your heels and wait for the rough tide to sweep over

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Holiday Karaoke - This Couple

A couple that Holiokes together, stays together?

- Ritu Goyal Harish
Posted on : 04 Jul 2016

This couple has found a unique way to bring together their love for travel, photography and dance - Holiday Karaoke or Holioke!

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Expectation v reality

As a gay man I find that there are hardly any portrayals in our art and pop culture of grounded gay relationships. There is a gap between ex...


How would/did you change your bedroom after marriage?

This question is to both the sexes, would/did you bring in bigger wardrobe, move TV inside, revamp the attached bathroom or paint the walls?...

Is a live in relationship in India still looked down upon as a taboo?

We have been in love for almost a decade now. And at a time when both the families are talking about weddings, I opened up to him one day abou my l... Read More

Abusive relationships

I have known friends in abusive relationships who don't realise that their relationship is toxic. Is there a pattern to abusive relationships? ... Read More

Expectation v reality

As a gay man I find that there are hardly any portrayals in our art and pop culture of grounded gay relationships. There is a gap between expectati... Read More

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How To Deal With External Stress During A Breakup

How to cope with external stress during a breakup

Prani Posted on : 10 Oct 2016

Take a deep breath and consider how it would have affected you otherwise

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Ask Deepak | I

I'm dating my friend and it has changed our friendship. How do I handle it?

Aditya, Kolkata Posted on : 25 May 2016

It is important to be a friend, to be friendly, before demanding it of the other person.

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Husband wants to live in a joint family but she wants privacy in marriage |

My fiance' comes from a joint family and has shared toilets with neighbours. How do I tell him I can't handle it, and to explore alternatives?

Nilima, Mumbai Posted on : 17 Jun 2016

Communicate about these important things before marriage and achieve those mutually agreed-on goals before you seal things with the stamp of marriage.

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In love with Cousin

I'm in love with him, but we're cousins... I've never said anything to him. In fact, I can't say a word when I'm in front of him. My heart beats faste... ... Read More

Are we two-faced as a society when it comes to relationships?

People give a lot of gyaan when it comes to cheating and affairs. However, there are so many cases of heartbreak in the society. Do you think we are d... ... Read More

In love with older married woman

Not sure how it happened, but I think I am in love with an older married woman. It seems she is interested in me too and not happy with her marriage. ... ... Read More

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Confessions with Joie Bose Episode 3: For The Love of Lies

Posted on : 17 May 2017 Event Status : Running

In episode 3 of Confessions wit...

Get Fit Together for this Valentine

Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

Posted on : 30 Jan 2017 Event Status : Closed

Get Fit and look fabulous this Valentine's Day. Tune in on Thursday 2nd Feb at 9 PM for a Facebook Live sessio...

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