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May December Romance | Romantic Pairing With Large Age Gaps | Bonobology

Age is no barrier when you fall in love

- Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 01 Feb 2016

Relationships are about more than physical attraction, love can exist among all different ages, discovers Tuli Banerjee

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Bonobology | Each Relationship Is Unique. Don

When my idea of what works in relationships contradicts yours

- Richa Bhattarai
Posted on : 02 Jun 2016

The author skillfully describes the prevailing societal mindsets, and asks why can’t different and diverse ideas of love, relationships and marriage co-exist

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Plus sized women and relationships

How big is your love?: Plus-size women and relationships

- Akhila Vijaykumar
Posted on : 04 Apr 2017

What is the world of love like when you’re plus size? Here is what the women say

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Ram Kamal Mukherjee - On Bollywood and his Book | Bonobology

"Most celebs can't see beyond themselves" - Ram Kamal Mukherjee

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 06 Jan 2017

Ram Kamal Mukherjee has been a Bollywood journalist for nearly two decades, working with Asian Age and Mumbai Mirror, and is a former editor of Stardust magazine. Mukherjee’s first tryst with publishing was a coffee table book on actress Hema Malini. Long Island Iced Tea is his first outing as a fiction writer

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Sajid Khan on relationship lessons, one night stands and getting over a break up |

"Many people get married for the wrong reasons" - Sajid Khan

- Kabir Singh Bhandari
Posted on : 10 Mar 2016

Kabir Singh Bhandari gets up close and personal with Sajid Khan, whom he refers to as the ‘filmi world ka encyclopedia’

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Conversations With A Couple in a Polyamorous Relationships |

Conversations with a polyamorist

- Jairaj Singh
Posted on : 15 Apr 2016

Jairaj Singh is given an insight into a world, where a couple is committed to each other as well as to their individual romantic encounters with other people

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Open relationships and love

Polyamory is becoming more common these days. But I wonder if love is possible in an open relationship. While love is a lot more than physic...

Addressing your husband after marriage

How should I address my husband after marriage? I know according to Indian customs, we are not supposed to call our husband by their names b...


She was eleven years older than he was. Does love care?

She supported him through college, he supported her when her back was bent. Sheela Jayawant narrates the true story of a true love.

Mind the gap. Does age-difference between couples really matter to a relationship or a marriage?

Was reading an article, named, 'Mind the gap',  in world news, where it is a new theory, that partners of same age, seem to have ... Read More

divorce advice

Revenge Your Ex


Each day hundreds o... Read More

Expectation v reality

As a gay man I find that there are hardly any portrayals in our art and pop culture of grounded gay relationships. There is a gap between expectati... Read More

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My boyfriend is younger to me | How do I convince my parents |

How to convince family to accept my relationship with younger man

Sweety Posted on : 17 May 2017

It is great to be in love yes, but tread carefully. The best of relationships can give in to financial and social differences. Think clearly and calmly about your future, discuss the details with your boyfriend and your family before taking any final decision.

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Ask Deepak | How Do I Get Out Of An Affair With My Teacher? | Bonobology

I am in a relationship with my teacher. I know it's not right, but how do I let go?

Ram Posted on : 22 Jun 2016

When you are in complete awareness of these consequences you will find yourself motivated to stay away from this relationship. Love is no license to create potentially life-altering difficulties in either of your lives

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I am obsessed with elder women. Women my age dont attract me.

For some reason , women my age dont attract me at all. I am only attracted to women who are 35+. I am 24 right now. I have been in sexting with elder ... ... Read More

I'm not gay but my wife left me

I'm not gay but I got high on drugs and started chatting with another man. My wife found out and left me. Now I feel like killing myself. ... Read More

I wonder if he's gay?

Why doesn't he want to have sex with me? He won't even kiss me, won't let me get close to him or allow any PDA. I wonder if he's gay?*p* ... Read More

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Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

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