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Bonobology | Recovering After Breakup | Erasing Memories, Saying Goodbye

Erasing memories and saying goodbye after a breakup

- Faraaz Kazi
Posted on : 02 Jun 2016

After a breakup, erasing memories of the person you love is harder than disposing the material gifts you exchanged, but it is possible, says the author Faraaz Kazi

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Moving on After Breakup | Bonobology

Battling the poison of bitterness after a breakup

- Ritu Goyal Harish
Posted on : 03 Jul 2016

In this account of a breakup narrated to Ritu Goyal Harish, a man makes conscious efforts to not feel bitter, and turns to himself for much-needed compassion

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Sajid Khan on relationship lessons, one night stands and getting over a break up |

"Many people get married for the wrong reasons" - Sajid Khan

- Kabir Singh Bhandari
Posted on : 10 Mar 2016

Kabir Singh Bhandari gets up close and personal with Sajid Khan, whom he refers to as the ‘filmi world ka encyclopedia’

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The Dark Side Of Close Relationships | Bonobology

The dark side of close relationships

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 13 Jul 2016

As love changes its course over a period of time, so do our reactions to the qualities we once admired in the one we loved

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Husband Wife Relationship - redefining gender roles by cooking together |

Our kitchen is not a woman's territory. I'm not its queen.

- Anupama Kondayya
Posted on : 01 Jun 2016

In this part of the 'Mind over marriage' series, Anupama Kondayya talks about making the kitchen a space owned by both husband and wife

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A warring couple gets a timely message in a jar of pickle

- Aarti Pathak
Posted on : 20 Jan 2016

The most heart warming story about a grand mother who let her mango pickle teach a lesson of love

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Stages of getting over a breakup

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My Boyfriend Is Marrying Girl Of His Parent’s Choice | Bonobology.Com

Boyfriend is marrying girl of parent’s choice

Sonia Posted on : 09 Jun 2017

He is a grown man who chose to listen to his parents. It is time to move on.

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How To Deal With External Stress During A Breakup

How to cope with external stress during a breakup

Prani Posted on : 10 Oct 2016

Take a deep breath and consider how it would have affected you otherwise

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Ask Deepak | I Want To Work But Husband Won

I'm educated and want to work, but my husband is absolutely against it. How do I convince him?

Name Withheld Posted on : 01 Jun 2016

This is common between husband and wife in a marriage, to stop being assertive about things that matter for the fear of upsetting each other or losing the goodness of status quo.

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Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

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