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Is it better being single? | Bonobology

Is it indeed better being single?

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 09 Mar 2017

We have a very unhelpful tendency – when in relationships – to idealise what it was like being single

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Happily Unmarried @50 | Or Is A Relationship Necessary | Bonobology.Com

Do we need partners for the silver years?

- Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 04 Jun 2017

Do we really need a partner for our later years or can we go through the remaining years just as easily?

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Happy being Single - Rimi B Chatterjee |

Life is happier when you are not in a relationship: Rimi B Chatterjee

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 24 Jan 2016

Author - professor Rimi B Chatterjee makes a strong case for being single

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Are You Single But Not Looking To Mingle | Bonobology.Com

I’m 44, single and not looking to mingle

- Sujata Rajpal
Posted on : 09 Jun 2017

She doesn’t see an overwhelming reason to get married, if she’s happy without

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Forty, Single & Redefining Marriage & Partnership | Bonobology

Forty and single: Redefining my idea of partnership

- Maya Rose
Posted on : 28 Jul 2016

Novelist and poet Maya Rose on what it means to her to be an empowered Indian woman in 2016

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Willing to wait even after turning 35 | Bonobology

Single and willing to wait at 35

- Supreeta Singh
Posted on : 31 Oct 2016

She’s fallen in love several times, but not yet met the man she wants to marry

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How to be happy and single?

How to be happy and single? 

How many of you singles out there are truly content? And how many of you feel you will only find contentment after meeting the right person?


I'm generally trying to undertsand if there are some who are actually happy while being single, or if there&... Read More

what are the challenges and perks of being single?

Nobody likes to be told. Let's keep common sense aside and ask ourselves - are we really enjoying our freedom? Are we already doing things that... Read More

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Ask Deepak | We Decided To Divorce: How To Deal With Emotion After Divorce | Bonobology

How do I deal with my emotions after deciding on a divorce?

Name Withheld Posted on : 20 Sep 2016

Let the emotions run their course. Try separation counselling

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Ask Deepak | My Husband Lives Abroad & Hardly Calls. What Do I Do? | Bonobology

Spouse lives abroad but hardly calls. I feel neglected. What do I do?

Name Withheld Posted on : 16 May 2016

To be happy, we all desire different things. Some people need a lot more connection and communication than others; which fact is not a reflection of or enough grounds to judge anyone as good or bad.

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I had a bad break up and unable to move on after breakup |

A bad break-up has left me wary of dating again. How do I snap out of it?

Ajay Sharma (35), stock market analyst Posted on : 16 May 2016

Normal as it is to experience sadness, one can easily spiral into a dysfunctional state that could have been avoided after the necessary time devoted to grieving and healing.

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Coming in terms with LGBT community

However educated and open minded I am, just cannot think I would be able to accept my kids sexual orientation not being straight. Sorry but just cant.... ... Read More

I want to be alone some time

I love my partner but don't like being together with him all the time. Some time I like to be alone and some activities I love to do alone. This may m... ... Read More

Sexual performance, Alcohol dependence

Hello. I am married man, age 32 years. I have a beautiful and loving wife. We were married 5 years ago. During the first few years, sex was great. The... ... Read More

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