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I can't satisfy my wife in bed!

- Ankit Mishra
Posted on : 28 Dec 2016

Once a stud, now he was unsure of everything. What could be the problem?

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Bonobology | Divorce | Letter from Wife To Husband | It Was My Fault, Too

Dear husband...Our divorce is my fault, too

- Madhuri Banerjee
Posted on : 03 Jun 2016

Madhuri Banerjee shares a heart rending letter from a wife to her estranged husband, where the wife takes responsibility for her role in their separation and impending divorce

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Divorce For Men | From Winning A Battle To Building A New Life | Bonobology

Dawn after divorce

- Neelu Singh
Posted on : 22 Aug 2016

Divorce comes with a host of mental conflicts. How do you deal with them? Mourn? Be brave? Turn cynical? Or build a new life?

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How my wife helped me overcome my Sexual Abuse Trauma | Bonobology

He was traumatised and afraid of sex, but she helped him heal

- Joyeeta Talukdar
Posted on : 06 Dec 2016

Left traumatised after an incident years ago, he hadn’t been able to sleep with his wife, until she broke down his walls

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An Extramarital Affair but happily married? | Bonobology

An extramarital happily ever after?

- Akhila Vijaykumar
Posted on : 21 Dec 2016

What if you are in love, but with someone other than whom you're married to?

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Interview of Dr Vijay Deshmukh | Bonobology

I never argue with her: Dr Vijay Deshmukh

- Sharmistha Das
Posted on : 10 Feb 2017

As Akshay Kumar starrer Jolly LLB 2 releases this Friday, celebrity divorce lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh’s husband, laparoscopic surgeon Dr Vijay Deshmukh talks about their relationship

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Dating a married woman

I am 28 years old & having job in MNC. As I am travelling a lot for work, I meet new people every day. before 3 months, I met the beautiful...

Love my husband but hate his family

I have been married almost 6 months. It was a love marriage and I didn't know my husband's family very well. But since our wedding I...

Can I get a divorce without meeting my wife and family?

Can I file for divorce without confronting my wife?

Surendra Posted on : 28 Apr 2017

You are liable for prosecution under several laws, unless your wife agrees to divorce

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