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I Have A Love Affair With My Colleague |

Am having an affair and it has made my marriage more bearable

- Arushi Chaudhary
Posted on : 06 May 2017

Arushi Chaudhary shares the story of a friend who has been living in an abusive marriage for several years now and finally finds relief from her troubles through an affair with a colleague

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Kailash Kher Interview | Talks about love, a happy marriage, and his son Kabir

Sometimes, my marriage feels like a dream - Kailash Kher

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 02 May 2016

Kailash Kher, the Indian singer, on learning in relationships, his mantra in marriage, and how his marriage is different from his parents'

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A Mother

The best thing about my marriage - my mother-in-law

- Deepika
Posted on : 07 May 2016

On Mother's Day, Deepika talks about her camaraderie with her mother-in-law, and the affectionate relationship that they have developed over the years, just like a mother and daughter

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Life after Marriage | Contrast of Living in a Cosmopolitan Town and Suburbs |

How I dealt with my marriage that involved reptiles and rodents

- Rohini Murthy
Posted on : 13 May 2017

She describes various species of ‘wild’ life she met in her years of following her husband around on his postings

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How To Get Permission From Parents For Love Marriage With Cousin | Bonobology

Arranging my Love Marriage

- Avani Jain Godavat
Posted on : 11 Aug 2016

I fell in love with a distant cousin and my parents were not convinced about this relationship. This is our story.

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An Unhappy Marriage Fired Designer Mani Kohli

'A bad marriage fired my entrepreneur journey' - Designer Mani Kohli

- Prerna Shah
Posted on : 01 Sep 2016

Ever felt trapped in a marriage that is abusive or unhappy? Read this account of how it can be an impetus to seek the real, successful you...

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Extra marital sex

Is sex outside an unfulfilled marriage, and that too once, a crime? This is not about repeated transgression, if at all, but an experience i...

Extra marital sex

Is sex outside an unfulfilled marriage, and that too once, a crime? This is not about repeated transgression, if at all, but an experience i...

Rebuilding my marriage

My wife has decided to give our marriage another chance after discovering that I cheated. Things are obviously not the same. I want do whatever is ... Read More

If there is no sex in my marriage, would I be wrong in demanding a divorce?

My wife won't let me touch her. SHe won't talk about it, won't explain. Its been 3 years now. There is literally no sex in my marriage.... Read More

Unhappiness in marriage

I am an unhappily married man in love with another woman. But I have two children and don't want to break my family. My marriage is a sham and ... Read More

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Want to save my marriage to a schizophrenic

Name Withheld Posted on : 21 Jun 2017

With treatment life will be more bearable, don’t take his words to heart.

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Ask Deepak | I

I'm unhappy in my arranged marriage and live a fake life on social media

Gombe Posted on : 11 Sep 2016

Move away from posting deceptive updates, they only make you realise the gap with reality

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Ask Deepak | Why Do I Miss My Abusive Husband? | Bonobology

I Fled an Abusive Marriage and yet, why do I Miss my Husband?

Name Withheld Posted on : 02 Aug 2016

You’ll just have to be patient and you need to give yourself a break

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Second Marriage

I remarried 4 years after losing my first husband. My marriage was a dream come true and I couldn't have been happier. But fate had some other ideas.... ... Read More

Got married with my crush but she does not know

My marriage is arrange marriage. Luckily I got married to my crush whom I loved from my college days..She is very beautiful & talented girl...I always... ... Read More

Love after marriage

Truely speaking its tough to love someone unknown. But after you are in love with your soulmate, you feel secured and safe. I felt this from the very ... ... Read More

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