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Is A Polyamorous Relationship Wrong Or Just Different? | Bonobology

Is loving more than one person wrong or just different?

- Amit Shankar Saha
Posted on : 27 Oct 2016

Loving many people outside the structure of a relationship is also acceptable, if done responsibly

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At What Point Do Married Couples Seek Counseling? | Bonobology

At what point do married couples seek counselling?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 10 Jan 2016

Dr Neeru Kanwar says when they both want to be heard, when they face a crisis in their lives

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Happily married yet having an affair? | Bonobology

Married but open about their office right or wrong is it?

- Surabhi Pandey
Posted on : 22 Nov 2016

They’re both married to other people, but are open about their relationship with each other, while not neglecting their spouses. Is this the new face of marriage?

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Why Marriage Can Be Better The Second Time | Bonobology

Why marriage can be better the second time

- Harshad Sharma
Posted on : 07 Oct 2016

Those who marry a second time go into it with their eyes open and this makes the marriage work better

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Changes In Society & New Demands On Relationships | Bonobology

Changing society and new demands on relationships

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 12 Oct 2016

"The transition in our society has brought a lot of new kinds of demands on relationships," says counselling psychologist Salony Priya in an interview

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Formula for a Happy Married Life | Bonobology

Our secrets to marriage and happily ever after

- Sid Balachandran
Posted on : 28 Nov 2016

It’s not easy and it’s no fairy-tale, but there are some things that work for building a successful relationship

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Abuse in a relationship is not ok and women do not understand this. Why do they keep accepting/ignoring abuse?

Abuse in a relationship is not ok and women do not understand this. Why do they keep accepting abuse?

Alternative to open relationships

Monogamy and polyamory are two extremes to romance in my opinion. Is there any middle path that overcomes the drawbacks of monogamy and is a viable... Read More

Rules of open relationships

Monogamous relationships have some dedined dos and don'ts. While it seems open relationships are far more fluid, there must be a set of rules i... Read More

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We had a misunderstanding and now she won

Girlfriend left me due to a misunderstanding, am depressed

Name Withheld Posted on : 21 Mar 2017

Try and clear the misunderstanding with her, sometimes relationships don’t work out. If too upset seek help of a Psychotherapist

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Open relationships seldom get exploited

I think the more open the relationships, the more closed you become. When you have the freedom, one doesn't feel the need to exploit it ... Read More

Are we two-faced as a society when it comes to relationships?

People give a lot of gyaan when it comes to cheating and affairs. However, there are so many cases of heartbreak in the society. Do you think we are d... ... Read More

I want to try open relationship

I want to try open relationship but how to talk about it to my partner ... Read More

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