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How to say no to a proposal

How To Say No To A Proposal – 12 Polite Ways

Being in a relationship is one thing but committing to someone for your whole life is another. Declining a proposal may seem hard but you cannot marry someone just because you love them. You have to consider factors like your career, alignment of goals and compatibility, money, and personal dreams. If you are wondering how to reject a marriage proposal nicely or how to politely tell someone you’re not interested when they propose to you, we have got you. Here are 12 polite ways to turn down a proposal.

how to stop being possessive

12 Expert Tips On How To Stop Being Possessive In Relationships

Do you find it hard to trust your partner, are jealous most of the time, and feel the need to snoop? You’re likely being possessive in your relationship. It’s imperative then to learn how to stop being possessive since it only hurts your relationship and makes it fragile. Your feelings of insecurity and mistrust triggering this possessiveness could be stemming from past experiences, including relationship history and how those relationships unfolded.

signs you need to raise your dating standards

5 Signs You Need To Raise Your Dating Standards

If you feel like you have become stagnant in the dating pool, then it’s a major sign you need to raise your dating standard. Read more interesting signs and make your dating life exciting and interesting!

attachment style quiz

Attachment Style Quiz

Why do you feel insecure? Why do you attract toxic people in your life? Why do you need your partner to make you feel whole? The answer to all of these questions lies in your childhood experiences and interactions with your primary caregivers/parents. This attachment style quiz, consisting of just 7 questions will help you …

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