bisexual quiz

Am I Bisexual? 18 Signs Of Female Bisexuality To Know If You’re A Bi Girl 

Are you questioning your sexuality? 18 signs of female bisexuality can help you determine if you’re a bisexual girl. From experiencing attraction to both sexes to having romantic or sexual experiences with people of the same gender, understanding these key indicators can provide clarity in your self-discovery journey.

Relationship OCD

Relationship OCD Test

“A person dealing with OCD in a relationship keeps doubting their relationship by considering the equation as flawed and uncertain. People with ROCD carry false assumptions in their minds, which are based on little to no evidence.”

early signs of a good relationship

13 Encouraging Early Signs Of A Good Relationship

Having the same interest in films, music, art, and literature isn’t one of the signs of a good relationship early on; it doesn’t guarantee a wholesome and sustainable relationship for the long term. Your relationship need not be perfect, but it HAS to be satisfying, happy and entail healthy relationship boundaries. And for that to happen, you need to say the magic words “I l love you”, and “I am sorry” when needed. You need to give each other space so that your individualities thrive; you need to be on the same page regarding the partaking of intimacy, and financial responsibilities.

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