What is Bonobology.com?

The couple-relationship destination for Indians everywhere! Couple relationships…the pains and pleasures, the anxieties and comforts, the craziness and calm. The inevitable distance between two people in love, the restless neediness of love. The attempt to understand and constantly adjust to the conflicting need for both excitement and security - to be happy and to grow, and yet know that somehow one always comes at the cost of the other. This is about reconciling with the fact that closeness between two people in love will inevitably ebb and flow.

This portal is an attempt to help make peace with these aspects of couple relationships through real-life stories, discussions or counselling. It is a non-judgmental space for all kinds of perspectives and approaches to couple relationships. If you have experienced being in love and being one half of a couple at any point, this is the place for you! Here you can:

Read: Sometimes, all you need is to read an inspirational story or a relatable experience to get perspective in your own relationships. Hit Read on Bonobology.com, and find a goldmine of stories of joy and sorrow, and everything in between.

Discuss: Have a relationship issue or question, but fear judgment by family and friends? You can find like-minded people to discuss issues with right here on Bonobology.com under Communities.

Resolve: Sometimes, you need a counsellor or therapist to give you the right perspective on your relationship dilemma. Find them here in our Counselling section, and get a counsellor’s professional advice on any aspect of couple relationships at all. You can use a pen name if you wish to remain anonymous; our focus is on bringing you solutions and perspectives!

Why the name ‘Bonobology’?

Bonobos are a species of ape, whose societies know virtually no conflict. They are also the closest to humans in DNA. We are trying to provide a space that will allow couples to resolve their conflicts and be more like our closest ape cousins! This was the inspiration for the name Bonobology!

Read more about Bonobos here.

Team Bonobology

Raksha Bharadia (Founder & Editor-in-chief)

Raksha Bharadia is a founder & editor-in-chief. She has authored three books published by Rupa & Co:

  • Me: A Handbook for Life (2006)
  • Roots and Wings: A handbook for Parents (2008)
  • All and Nothing (2010)

She has put together 13 titles in the Chicken soup for the Indian Soul series for Westland. She has also worked as a scriptwriter with Star Plus for the show Lakhon Main Ek. She has been a columnist for Femina, Ahmedabad Mirror; and with DNA Ahmedabad. Raksha has taught creative writing, Master’s Program - Architecture Journalism at CEPT, Ahmedabad. She is in the board of Sambhav group Ahmedabad. Raksha has taught at the school for the visually challenged, in Andh Kanya Gruh and taught English in a street school run by NGO Manav Sadhna in Ram-Rahim ka Tekra.

Bonobology.com is Raksha’s first significant foray in the digital space.

Divya Nair Hinge

Divya Nair Hinge has been a media & communications professional for the last 11 years. She has worked with leading media houses and corporates; as a former journalist and in the field of public relations & corporate communications. Her short stories have featured in several leading magazines and also in 5 titles of the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series. With a double post-graduation to her credit, one in Chemistry and the other in Journalism & Mass Communications, she manages to squeeze enough time to read, write, reflect and travel, some of the things she believes bring out the best in her.

Divya Nair Hinge works as an Editor with Bonobology.com

Swapna Eleswarapu

Swapna Eleswarapu has been running her virtual red pen through other people's deeply thought-out prose for over 12 years now, with barely hidden glee. Brevity may or may not be the soul of wit, she says, but it's what makes her tick. As a freelance editor she revels in being able to read just about anything under the sun, especially subjects she wouldn't have dreamt of left to her own devices. When not reading at 400 words per minute, or trying to keep abreast of her social handles, she's weaving, sewing, crocheting or taking pictures of her cats.

Swapna Eleswarapu is an editor with Bonobology.com

Anupama Kondayya

Anupama Kondayya is a marketer with a background in technology, and a combined experience of nearly 9 years. In addition, she is a freelance writer interested in culture, travel, music, and has written for magazines like Ritz, Inbox 1305, travel sites like The India Tube, as also seven titles of the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series. She is also the founder of StoRyvival, an initiative to revive good old-fashioned storytelling while curating stories from the diverse cultural, social, religious and geographic fabric of India.

Anupama Kondayya works as a marketing and planning specialist with Bonobology.com

Aarti Pathak

Aarti Pathak is an Economics Professior who started writing nine years ago and hasn't stopped since. Her stories and features have been published in various magazines including   Mother & Baby, Parent & Child, Salute - to the Indian Soldier, India Defence Review and in nine titles of Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series. She has also compiled and edited the book Chicken Soup for Indian Soul: Teen Talk- Growing Up.
She spends her weekends/holidays indulging in her other passions; her favourite amongst which are travelling and discovering the hidden treasures of India with her family.
She is currently part of the Edit Team at Bonobology.com.

Bonobology Experts

Deepak Kashyap

Need help navigating the maze of your relationship? Post your questions here. Our expert will sort you out. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish. Bonobology will not publish any sensitive information without your approval.

Deepak Kashyap is a counseling psychologist and a certified life-skills trainer and an REBT and MBCT practitioners with corporate practice in India and Dubai and a private practice in Mumbai, India.


Prachi Vaish

Prachi S Vaish is a Clinical Psychologist and marital therapist, with over 11 years of experience. She specialises in couples therapy and recovery from trauma resulting from divorce, extramarital affairs and emotionally abusive relationships. She founded India's first online psychological services portal (www.HopeNetwork.in) and is available for consults online through various media like Google Hangouts,voice calls and Skype. She is a regular expert writer for the Indian edition of Child magazine (under the aegis of Parenthood group USA) and has many cover stories to her credit. In the past she has been a relationship expert writer for Femina.in.

Dr.Paras Shah

Dr.Paras Shah is Chief Consultant Sexologist and Fertility Specialist at Sannidhya Multi Speciality Hospital, SAL Hospital and Rajasthan Hospital. He is a regular columnist at many leading news papers and magazines including Divya Bhaskar, Gujarat Mitra, Femina, Street, Gruhshobha.

Dr.Kushal Jain

Dr.Kushal Jain, is senior consultant psychiatrist with more than over 12 years of expertise. In over a decade of clinical practice, Dr.Jain, is also the Director of The Centre for Behavioural Sciences (CBS), New Delhi which is an integrated mental healthcare organisation providing preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative services. CBS also provides relationship and couples counseling, by helping distressed couples recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences. At CBS couples resolve their interpersonal, intrapersonal and family and social issues through learning various skills like effective communication and negotiation of conflicts, etc. For further details please visit www.cbsindia.org . You can also write email at drkushaljain@gmail.com or text at 9312071350

Nandish Thackar

Practicing as a Lawyer since 2012 in various fields of Law such as Matrimonial Disputes, Constitutional Law, Revenue Laws, Civil Laws including BPMC Act, other Land Laws, Town Planning Act, etc., Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, Banking Laws, Criminal Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act, Consumer Protection Act, Municipalities Act, Service Law, Arbitration Act, etc. in the High court of Gujarat.

Associated with Shri Prakash M. Thakkar, Senior Advocate having a standing of 40 years in the High Court of Gujarat and have been associated with the Firm “Thakkar and Pahwa Advocates” since last 7 years including 3 years of Part-time experience during my Law School and gained a valuable experience for practicing in the High Court of Gujarat and various other Forums.

Sharmila Mazumdar

Dr.Sharmila Mazumdar is the first female Sexologist in India. She specialises in female & male sexual dysfunctions and psychoanalysis.Her professional experience consists of consultation (national and international), research work, presentations at national conferences, guest editor and a writer in medical magazines and portals. She presently consults at Avis Hospital, Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad. Telengana.

Snigdha Mishra

Snigdha Mishra is the Founder & Director of LIFE SURFERS and an experienced Psychotherapist/Behaviour Specialist, Life Coach & trainer in Delhi/NCR. She has training and expertise in Cognitive and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapies, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Therapy. As a therapist and more so as a human she follows the belief; ‘think better to live better’.

She has enabled groups and individuals to explore and learn new strategies for effective life (professional /personal) management and is well versed with social & cultural issues. She is an expert in Emotional Freedom Technique and Healing through Affirmations. She is also known for her unique distance healing methods and strong healing meditations.

She specialises in Depression & Anxiety Management, Anger Management, Relationship and Marital Counselling, Feminist Counselling, Stress Management along with other Adult Life issues.

Perfect Investigation & Personnel Services

Perfect Investigation & Personnel Services Pvt. Ltd. has been in operation since 1994 and undertakes investigation for industrial and personal cases of all types including background and matrimonial checks. The Company is headed by Mr. R P Chauhan, Managing Director who has experience of 10 years in the defence forces and 32 years in Industrial Security Management.

Dr.Sanjeev Trivedi

Dr.Sanjeev Trivedi is one of the finest life coaches and consultation with him is an amazing experience. An attitude-engineering expert, he oxygenates your soul with emotional fulfillment, displacing the spiritual void. Apart from holding a masters in Organic Chemistry, an MBA in Marketing and a Ph.D in Stress Management he is also an unparalleled Astrologer with clients all over the world. His websites are www.sanjeevtrivedi.com and www.astrospeech.com.

Dr.Manu Tiwari

Dr.Manu Tiwari is a Psychiatrist, who has completed his MBBS training from Maharashtra and finished his post graduation in Psychiatry from Mumbai. He has also conducted international clinical trials in Adolescent Schizophrenia and Depression. Dr.Tiwari is the Head of the Dept. of Psychiatry at Fortis Hospital, Noida. He has been a Senior Resident and then Chief Registrar in School Mental Health Clinic in BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai both at hospital and in community school levels. He has focused his energies on the various psychological and psychiatric problems faced by adolescents and continues to work in this field where help is much needed and less available.

Shonee Kapoor

Working since 2008 for the cause of men facing malicious prosecution under Dowry Law, 498a, Domestic Violence Act, Divorce, Maintenance and Child Custody Matters.

Founder of Sahodar, an NGO working exclusively for the cause of men. Working as an independent consultant. Though based out of Delhi, he is extensively networked across country. Can deal with emotional and legal aspects of separation and malicious prosecution. His website is http://www.shoneekapoor.com

Jaseena Backer

Jaseena Backer is a consultant of human behaviour and welfare; touching upon lives through relationship management. She is a Training Faculty, Parenting Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Psychologist and a Gender Expert.

Dr. Avani Tiwari

Dr. Avani Tiwari is a practising psychiatrist and sexologist in Delhi-NCR. She is proficient in 5 languages, loves Russian literature and Sherlock. She loves to read, write and talk about emotional, sexual, cultural and existential issues affecting women. 
Her motto: Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am.

Bali Sanghvi

Bali Sanghvi has been practicing Infertility Counselling since 2013 at Nova IVI Fertility. She helps couples accept the situation, explains to them the various treatments suitable for them and coaches them to remain positive through the process. She is currently working on her solo graphic novel called 'My Frozen Embryo'.


Disclaimer: The information, views, and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Bonobology.

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