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Reema Ahmad is an IPANLP certified NLP coach and Master Practitioner. She works in the area of sexuality, gender, abuse, relationships and trauma. She is also a Mental Space Psychologist. She works from a position of sexual rights, health and responsibility and sex/body positivity. She uses Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental Space Psychology to delve deeper into the belief and identity level of clients that further helps them to choose what is best for them. She works from the strong belief that clients have all the resources they need to work past trauma and limiting actions. And her role is to guide, prod and support. She also conducts group counselling sessions on sexual health and well being in association with RedWomb, group therapy sessions for domestic violence victims for the Purple Ribbon Collective. She is on board a few online startups and organisations like the You Can Foundation, Stand We Speak, Untangle, Pinky Promise in different capacities as Counsellor, mentor, resource person and advisor. All of these organisations work in the space of youth empowerment, mental health, sexual health and wellbeing and abuse awareness. She has worked with RAHI, Council To Secure Justice, Caravan and Justice and Care as a trainer and resource person. Reema is Facilitator and cofounder of Candidly, , a platform that aims to develop and drive conversations on gender, abuse, sexuality and how these manifest in media and through culture.

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